Donate to our fund to provide housing stability and prevent homelessness. image

Donate to our fund to provide housing stability and prevent homelessness.

Emergency Assistance to rental/mortgage assistance, provide training and hope

$2,933,035 raised

$1,000,000 goal

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We are raising funds to prevent homelessness

The COVID-19 pandemic has already started to expose rampant inequity in America. An article in the Atlantic by writer, Joe Pinker, thoughtfully articulates the gravity of the growing disparity and inequity:

“In the coming months and years, there will really be two pandemics in America. One will be disruptive and frightening to its victims, but thanks to their existing advantages and lucky near misses with the COVID 19 virus, they will likely emerge from it relatively stable — physically, psychologically, and financially. The other pandemic, though, will devastate those who survive it, leaving lasting scars and altering life courses.”

IMPACT is in the fight facing the “other pandemic.” Studies have shown that the same groups that have faced persistent poverty and histories of discrimination are now also the ones at higher risk of contracting and succumbing to coronavirus, and bearing the brunt of its economic cost. We are here to support those who face layers of marginalization with our dollars and our services in this moment.

IMPACT Community Action has been serving Franklin County’s most vulnerable in areas of housing stability, workforce development, energy efficiency and a bevy of other coordinating services during this COVID-19 pandemic.We are all in this together, which is why we want to provide you with a way to make your contribution go further.

Tuesday May 5th; Giving Tuesday, launched IMPACT’s HOPE FUND.We used the opportunity to leverage up to $1 Million Dollars in matching funds to create a $2 million dollar eviction prevention fund. 100% of your donation will benefit clients directly; all administrative costs have been covered.Make an IMPACT and give Hope!